I was wondering if anyone had any information on Win2k. My problem is, I went out and got copy of Win2k. I backed up then formatted my HD, then attempted to install Win2K. I get to the point where it does it's initial installing then re-starts. My PC restarts then goes dead. All I get is a blank black screen. I thought maybe it was doing something (eventhough there was no drive movement) so I went and had a shower, ate supper, did dishes only to return to see it had done nothing.

I hope that it is compatible with my system! I've got a PII 350mhz processor with 384megs RAM. Don't ask me what my motherboard is please.

So I'm wondering, what the heck am I doing wrong? I've also downloaded updated (Win2k compliant) device drivers. Of course they are not installed yet as I've got an empty hard drive!

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,