I am really not sure if this is the correct place for this (perhaps a friendly advisor could move it if not!).

My Problem

I have written a site which deals with the specific booking of a room which is equipped with state of the art Cinema equipment. It is available for use by about 2000 people, the basic plan being that you visit the site, sign up, book the room in advance and then turn up on the day to use it.

The room itself is in the same building as a large bar, which is responsible for the management of the room, and also for setting up the equipment, looking after the keys etc.

We are able to verify that the person who has booked the room is actually that person, as each user has a membership card which they must present. But the problem is dealing with the latest bookings, i.e. getting information of the booking to the bar, for verification purposes.

At the moment the list of current bookings is printed out, and placed behind the bar once a week, and an email is sent to the person who does that, as and when a booking is made.

What the heck are you saying?!

OK, I'm rambling. What I want to know is, can anyone come up with a way in which the information from the web can be sent to the bar as and when it happens. At the moment the person who receives the email has to actually drive to the bar, and update the list.

We have looked in to putting a computer in the bar, but we have a problem in as much as the phone system in the bar is an internal network, and it is not possible to get permanent dialup access to the net (the service provider does not allow the use of 0800 numbers etc.. not mentioning any names *ahem* NTL *ahem* ).

The site is written in PHP... can anyone come up with an ingenious way of doing this?