Oki, so I'm currently making a website for my website and graphic design business, and I made a client login system on a test server which worked perfectly.

However I just bought hosting and a domain, and transferred the MySQL databases and php files over exactly the same (except I changed the username, password, and database names needed), and now it does not work.

I looked over the code, and it all seems fine and should work - but I tried the login on both servers, checked my temporary internet files, and it turns out that my client login is no longer creating cookies as it did before. And these cookies, along with the MySQL database, are what allows a user to stay logged in. I checked the database and it seems fine though - all the fields are filled out correctly, etc.

So that leaves me with one question. Why can't I get the cookies to work on this server?

I also checked the variables - domain, path, name, etc. and it all should work.

Anyone have any ideas?