I'm using the Suckerfish Shoals script from HTML Dog to implement pop-out menus in IE on my personal website/blog. I have a Nav menu with external links popping out just as happy as though they had good sense.

What I want to do is have a pop-out for category archive links using the :hover pseudo. Anyhow, as I see it, I need to apply an ID selector to my category archive links. But, when I do that, IE only applies the ID to the first instance of the 'cats' div that it encounters and none of the subsequent 'cats' divs. Which, if I recall correctly is right in that an ID selector can only be used once.

So, lacking any familiarity with Javascript, how might I structure my code so the <ul id="cats"> tags are rendered properly by Suckerfish Shoals? Or, might it be possible to adapt Suckerfish to work with class selectors?

My (presently crappy) site is at neonbrainiac.nu. The category lists shown, I want to turn into drop-down menus.

Oops: I had been tinkering with things and removed the id selector from the <ul> tag so lists were appearing instead of category links.