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    Rewriting this PHP script in Javascript, How?

    I wrote this script some time ago as a small program to help me figure out how many business days from now is n.

    I need to change it now because I don't want to do a whole page reload to get the answer. I don't want the server working that much. So how can I rewrite this script in javascript, so that the result can be found without a page request?

    If someone can point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it.

    PHP Code:
    if ( $numDays $_POST['numDays'] ) {
    $futureDate = ( $numDays 86400 ) + time();
    $futureDate    date "w"$futureDate ); // 'w' = numeric representation of days of week
    if ( == $futureDate )         // 6 = Saturday
    $futureDate += 172800;     // # of seconds in 2 days
    else if ( == $futureDate )         // 0 = Sunday
    $futureDate += 86400;     // # of seconds in 1 day
    $newDate "<p><strong>$numDays</strong> days from now is:<br />
    date "D, M j, Y"$futureDate ) . "</strong></p>";
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    There is no tool to do this and for practise i wrote this script for you.

    HTML Code:
    <script type="text/javascript">/*<![CDATA[*/
    function timetogo(moredays){
    now=new Date();
    then=new Date(now.getTime()+moredays*86400000);
    alert(typeof then);
    alert('The date of '+moredays+' in the future is '+then);
    I hope it works the same way your PHP Scripts does. It is not a translation of your script because the Date object in JavaScript is very different to the Date object in PHP.
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