Hi great men,

I am stuckup with the problem of Closed Stream error. Can someone explain me what it is and how to solve it?

My scenario is after successfully completing an operation in an action, I am rendering template to an rhtml page from where I am again directing to another page using location.href="/controller/action?parameter="+value in javascript, which I am calling on the body onload itself............

The success page is getting displayed properly(The first render :template), But from there, the second directing is giving the Closed Stream Error.

This error is not encountered always, but only after the start of the application.

The error is pointing to the routes.rb file where it is telling that the controller and the actions are not set.

But, the funny thing is if I go back and perform the operation again, the error is not being thrown and its going to the correct controller and action as configured in the routes.rb. I am not understanding what the problem is...

Thanks in advance.