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    Are these the correct steps to forming a business?

    I am forming an LLC and I am not sure if I am doing this right. Is this correct?

    1) File Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State. Do I have to pay the $800 tax for registering in CA? Do i pay it now or at the end of the year? THis is what it says on the Sec of State website:

    "Every limited liability company which is doing business in California or has filed Articles of Organization or an Application for Registration with the Secretary of State's Office is subject to the annual limited liability tax of $800."

    Do I even have to file Articles of organization or can I just do the ficitious name with the county?

    2) File Fictious name with County. I think it is the FBN (Ficitious Business Name Statement). Pay fee of $53.

    3) Publish it in a Newspaper for 30 days. Who do I tell the newspaper to send proof of publishment too? Do I need to get any proof that is was published?

    4) Call IRS for EIN.

    5) Open a business bank account. What do I need to open one? Do I need the EIN and thats it?

    6) Get Business License from county.

    Is that all? Also, is the Articles of organization necassray? Can i just start at step 2 and forget Articles of Organization?

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    I am pretty sure the Articles are needed. They would most likly include the names on the board of the company and so forth. I am not sure on the tax part perhaps your confusing this with a registration fee. If so you will need to pay this upfront along with other paperwork. Perhaps you mean there is an extra tax on top of intial fee? Anyhow most likly a copy or clipping of the add in the paper is good enough and probably send to sec of state.

    However if you cant follow or understand the directions I wiould not advise you to do this one your own. It really is not difficualt though.

    On the local side registering your llc as doing business name of same name in your county is usually recomended. This would be the process of getting your bis licence. Perhaps the company itself comes with a proper id for the irs not sure.

    Again read carefully and if you dont or cant understand directions ask a legit legal advisor. After all you dont want to get in federal trouble.

    Note you will also probably need to hold company meetings and keep notes of what was talked about.


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