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    importing .js files

    can a .js fil be imported into a document via an external (css) style sheet?

    i'm trying to combine a style switcher with the curvy corners script. it switches, but the display is funky until you refresh the page.

    what i need to do is get any reference to the curvy corners javascript out of the document so the version that does not use it isn't confused.

    the major part of the curvy corners script is in an external file, and there are some parameters that are set in the head of the document. i want to know if i can put these parameters into a separate .js document, and then import both .js documents through some kind of link or include in the style sheet. i know you can use style sheets to call other style sheets, but can you use them to call .js files?

    hope that makes enough sense for some one to be able to advise.

    thanks in advance :-)

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    importing js with css

    AFAIK there is no way to use CSS to import js files. CSS can call image files, but that's because they used for style. Javascript isn't a style.
    Quote Originally Posted by mtouchette
    display is funky until you refresh the page.
    This could be because your elements' dimensions aren't explicilty defined. Once the page has loaded once it "knows" the dimensions so it reloads OK.
    Maybe you could use javascript to test for support of the script before attempting to use it?


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