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Thread: PHP - Mailing

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    Question PHP - Mailing


    i've written code to send email to the collection of email ids from the
    database. (i.e bulk mail, newsletter)... i'm allowing a person to send bulk
    mail to the collection of email ids. when i send email.. i just select email
    id and compose body message/text.. am sending the email ids. now the
    mail is not going for few people... due to inactive email ids, rejecting
    receiver SMTP...etc.,

    now my problem is web admin says ...we should not send bulk email
    using open relay. i like to know what is open relay, then how to send bulk
    email without open relay.
    Loganathan N, BOSCO ITS, Yellagi Hills, Chennai, India

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    Open relay means that any person can connect to your SMTP server and send email to any other SMTP server.. this is a major tool for spammers to abuse other peoples insecure mailservers..

    This has nothing to do with PHP though.. If your admin set things up correctly you should have no worries about it.. To mass-send email, check out php's mail() function.

    Be sure to BCC everyone.. usually there's a limit on the number of BCC's you can include, so you might want to split it up in groups of 20 recipients and call the mail() function multiple times


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