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    Unhappy Advanced CSS problem

    I have two problems:

    1. I have implemented a CSS pop-up solution from
    This is where when hovering over a link text appears elswhere on the page.

    It works fine in N7, FF1.0.6 & Opera8 except that in IE6 when I hover over the 'class="selected"'
    nav link, the text does NOT appear. If I remove that class from the html that link displays
    it's text OK (proving it is the class="selected" that's causing the problem).

    Any ideas for this problem?

    2. Notice that if the page is resized, the left border of the displayed text (on hover) changes. As the parent div for this is the center content and not the body I would have thought this should be fixed (aligning with the left edge of the nav bars) by the 'position: absolute;' statement (last line of CSS shown)!

    Any ideas where I've gone wrong here?

    The relevant CSS code is contained on the test page. See the source of the actual page for the html.

    WHEN viewing the Ads may change where the hover text is positioned. I hope this does not give you problems as this is the only site I can post on for now.


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    Mad ranting edited by author. Don't you wish you knew what I said? Sorry, thread starter. I wish I could just delete the damn thing.


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