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    Right I'm not sure how to put this but.......

    I have a site and I'm planning to redo it in ASP, I have thought about using directories to seperate catagories of the site (sounds reasonable -right?).

    I want to use SSI calls for my page for the contents and other bits and bobs, but when the pages are in directories, all the links have to change, such as ../ has to be added to the beginning of the path. this gets really anoying when you have directories inside directories and the same contents bit needs to be called for everypage.

    Is there anyway I can point to a link which isn't actually a page but then loads a page? such as:

    so a kind of jump thingy all run of one page?

    I hope this is clear enought!!



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    Actually you don't need to use parent directories ("..") to travel. You can just start all your links at the root ("/"). So your links will be href="/articles/article1.asp" and you can do the same with images by putting them all in one directory off the root. I do the same things with includes and scripts.
    A sample directory structure might be:
    / (root)
    - images
    - includes (ssi, style sheets and scripts)
    - articles
    - forums

    As you suggest you can also handle this using a script to figure out where the actual files are but you will either have to make sure every file is uniquely named or you will have to pass more information to the script such as category.

    Wayne Luke
    Internet Media Provider


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