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    In Netscape, I can increase or decrease the font size on my site to make it look the same as what I am designing in Fusion and viewing through IE, on both the Mac and PC. However, when I try to change text size in IE, nothing happens, not on the Mac or the PC. Everything stays just the same. It doesn't matter if I choose Largest or Smallest or anything in between. Any suggestions?

    Robin Stark

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    Are you specifying font sizes in points or pixels?? If so then you won't be able to change the font size in IE. This is according to specification from the W3C. If you can change the font size in Netscape then it is because of Netscape's imperfect version of the current standards.

    To allow for font sizes to be changed always use relative size i.e. size=X or use em sizes in style sheets.

    Wayne Luke
    Internet Media Provider


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