There is a difference between netscape and IE when a page with tables is loaded.

IE shows the page text while it goes and gets the images. (and if you haven't set the image size attributes, the page changes as it starts to load an image ).

Netscape will not show a page until its downloaded the entire page content. On a site like mine with lots of images on certain pages (yes, they are neccessary) this will often persuade a user to give up.

1) Are you all aware of this
2) I'm going to create a javascript pop up to tell netscape users as they enter the site (so hopefully they stay a little longer). Id like to tell them how to fix it too.

Does anyone know of a setting in Netscape that can be changed so that the page shows as it loads?

Any help appreciated.

Steve Root http://www.rootskitchens.co.uk/

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