Tables are driving me up the wall !
I am using dreamweaver, this is what i want to do.

I want to make a table with 4 columns and two rows.
In one of the rows i am going to write the name of companies. I want the columns to all be the same width, so that no matter what i write in the columns they will not stretch causing the columns not to be the same width.

I understand that long words with a space will strech the columns but my words i use are not that long and have spaces between them and should not stretch the columns.

Basically its for a graph i am making with the name of the companies in each column, so the columns must all be the same width or the graph will look silly.

Surely there is a way of doing this simply in dreamweaver? Can someone show my how? I have been using dreamweaver 4 and have tryed inserting spacer images makeing the cell widths consistant and all kind of things. I should be able to expand the table to the size i wish with the columns widths staying consistant with each other.

Tables are the only thing which i cannot get my head around, otherwise i am a competant designer. I would appreciate any online tutorials or recommended books that go into detail about the working hell of tables in dreamweaver and step by step common problems and solutions.

Many Thanks for any help.