PHP Code:

//This one works fine!
"Landcruiser 100","Landcruiser Pick-Up",
"Landcruiser Prado",
"Rav4","Yaris","Yaris Sedan");             
"<select name=\make\">";
foreach (
$make as $key => $vehicle){
"<option> $vehicle</option><br>";
I need this array to fill two dropdown lists.
One with the make,
i.e camry,corolla,fortuner etc..
And the other one with models,
i.e 2.4GLi, v6 Auto etc..
PHP Code:
$make=array("Camry" =>array(''model1"=>"2.4GLi",
model2"=>"2.4GLi Auto",
model3"=>"V6 Auto"));

$make as $key=>$car){
$car as $man=>$model){

Hello guys!
may i was not supose to post here but, u cn understand some times.
Looking at the coding above, this is what i want to accomplish.
I need one drop down menu with the make of the vehicle.
when some one select a vehicle make, automatically at the bottom dropdown list, must be populated with the models based on that particular make.
My problem is not with the arrays but, with filling up the drop down lists with
array values!

I know this can be accomplished with database but, i have not yet installed it on my machine so i need something fast using arrays.

Can any one tell me how to accomplish this?

Best Regards,