I am using a style switching script that writes a cookie as to which stylesheet you want to you and keeps it throughout the site until you manually switch it again. I'm using the stylesheet swticher I found at alistapart (http://alistapart.com/articles/alternate)


If you click on the two links "change style to pop" and "change style to corporate" the stylesheets switch and stay that way which is great and what I want ... sort of.

What I would really like to do have a popup window that has screen shots of the different designs, then:

1. you click on one of the designs and it changes to that stylesheet
2. the popup closes automatically after clicking on new stylesheet
3. the parent window refreshes with that new stylesheet applied to it

The problem is that it changes in the popup window but then won't keep the settings for the other window when you choose it. Also it doesn't seem to apply a default stylesheet if the style swtiching is only in the popup.

Any help?