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    [Resolved] Help Me Fix Firefox Glitch Please!


    I've been working on this CSS layout today for my site but I've encountered a problem with Firefox when too much text is in my content area. You can view the problem at

    Opera 8.5 and IE6 display it correctly, making the white space (content area) larger to hold the text. Firefox does not, instead the text goes out of the boundaries of the white area.

    I believe the fix to this has something to do with setting display correctly in my div's but my guess and check attempts have failed so far. All the CSS is inline currently, so just view the source to see it all.

    There are 2 divs that are involved with the problem. The first div has a classname of "contentStripe". Then there is a div with no class (just a style attribute) inside the contentStripe div, that create some padding for the content. One (or both) of those divs is the cause of the error I'm pretty sure, since that's where the content text is.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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