If you look at the followiing code it is a div for a navbar. But can divs be made out the "a" and "b"?

HTML Code:
<div id="navbar">
<a href="/myprofile">my profile</a><b>|</b><a href="/logout">logout</a><b>|</b><a href="/top10">
top 10</a><b>|</b><a href="/search">search</a>
<b>|</b><a href="contact">contact us</a>
I am following a book by Eric Meyer and he uses code like this, but he never created #navbar a, #navbar b he just created them from the actual #navbar

#navbar {position:absolute; top: 44px; right: 0;
padding:2px 0 2px 32px; white-space: nowrap; 
background:#F0DFB4 url(tab-curve.gif) bottom left no-repeat;}
#navbar b {display: none;}
#navbar a {text-decoration:none; color:#000000;}