I have a weird IE bug, which I have no idea how to fix.

Basically we are having an opacity type effect which overlays the whole layout apart from one element (as shown on the screenshot). In FF it works fine, but in IE some of the text goes blurry, it's only some text, the rest is fine.

The code:
PHP Code:
      //Fade out all other elements
var divs document.getElementsByTagName('div');
opacValue 5//prompt('Enter a value between 1 and 10 to edit the opacity level:');
for(var 0<= divs.length-1i++)
divs[i].id.substr(09) != 'uploadbox'
this.getElem('logo').style.opacity opacValue 10;
this.getElem('logo').style.filter 'alpha(opacity=' + (opacValue 10) + ')';
divs[i].style.opacity opacValue 10;
divs[i].style.filter 'alpha(opacity=' + (opacValue 10) + ')';
Screenshot, top is firefox, bottom is internet explorer.

Any help is appreciated, I have no clue why IE is doing that.