A friend of mine asked me to fix his newsletter because there where some errors in Outlook and Gmail.

Is it just me or does Outlook seriously mess up your design? The only thing that was wrong with the newsletter that he originaly had was that on the bottom right side a white area appeared and the background was gone.

I used that same file as my template in Outlook and resend it to me, to my suprise even more errors appeared, the text was suddenly black, some fonts where different and the size was changed in some area's.

I didn't edit the file, i just saved, imported, and resend it. When i looked at it again it was very different from the first time i saw it...... How can that be.....? Does outlook edit the code if you choose a file as a template?

Another thing is this. The first part of the code below appears completely black, although the color is set to #006699. I use the similair code for the second part, where it does work and i have a blue text. I'm slowely turning insane from this.....

If someone can explain to me how and why Outlook doesn't understand the code below and why a almost working e-mail turns into a complete mess by just selecting it as a template and resending it.

<td width="33%" align="center" background="http://www.griekenland.net/oranje%20griekenland.jpg" style="height:30px;"><span style="color:#006699;font-size:1.0em;font-weight:bold;">Griekenland Magazine</span></td>
<td width="33%" align="center" background="http://www.griekenland.net/oranje%20griekenland.jpg" style="height:30px;"><span style="color:#ffffff;font-weight:bold;">Zomervakantie</span><span style="font-size:1.0em;padding:0;margin:5px;color:#006699;font-weight:bold;"> naar Korfoe</span></td>