I'm currently working on tweaking a colorpicker. The original colorpicker was made by Bjorge Dijkstra (http://www.sqweek.com), all credits belong to him

Both my tweak and the original colorpicker have positioning problems. I'm no JavaScript genious (rarely use javascript at all) and I don't have a clue what is wrong, nor does Bjorge.

Here is the colorpicker: http://www.airabove.com/examples/test.html
Click on the box next to the field to open the colorpicker. As you can see it wont position at all.

As the source is 500 lines+ I wont paste it here, it can be found here instead: http://www.airabove.com/examples/rgbcp/rgbcp.js
The functions for positioning are marked.

Hope that someone can bring some light on this issue!


- Robert