OK, I finally get it. Microsoft is re-releasing alot of its technologies under the .NET arcitecture. I wondering if I should bother to learn ASP or wait a little for ASP.NET to catch on. I don't want to basically waste my time learning VBScript and then have to learn VB.NET.

I have a strong base in C derived languages (PERL, PHP etc.) and can do well with ColdFusion (easiest lanugage to learn!) but I want to expand so I can program on both the major platforms, *nix and Windows. I know the VERY basic syntax for VBScript, just from reading on 4guysfromrolla.com and Kevin Yank's articles. Should I scrap all that and grab a new book on VB.NET (ASP.NET) or will it carry over? I know the new pages use an entirely different engine, what changes have been implemented that will affect a total newbie?

Basically what I'm asking is should I wait 3 months for the new technology picks up, dive in now and be ahead of the curve or program in "Old Skool" ASP?