Hi I don't know if this is the right forum to post in, I assume that Rollover created in photshop and Image Ready is javascript. Bu tany way my problem:

I have posted a question very similar to this before on another forum where i had problems with my image ready rollovers in frontpage. I was told to use dreamweaver instead. I am using dreaweaver now! The problem I had before is solved! I couldnt get my image ready rollovers to work wheni included content in frontpage. I'm now using ssi in dreamweaver and the rollovers work fine. I i'm including the page that Image ready made for me in the otherpages, however I have 1 question. In Image ready i created a selected rollover state so when the rollover was clicked and had followed the link i was supposed to see the selected state of the rollover. I will say that I use rollover in my navigation Bar.

But I have created somep pages now using the incude, and when i click the link and the new page open and the include load again I don't see the selected state of the rollover i see the normal state. Obviously the include doesn't know or remembered that i clicked the link, and is just reloading together with the new page. Is there any chance that I can make the include not reload together with the new page so that i will see the selected state of the rollover when i get to the new page.

an example can be found HERE where the 2 top left buttons has a working link. and the other buttons has no assigned link, and they remember the selected state because they dont link to another page but just stay on the same.

I don't know if you need to know this, but the extension i use is .shtml

I hope somebody can help.