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    Looking for opinions on my design

    Hey all, I'm pretty new to application design so I wanted to get some feedback on my current version of it and see if you guys see any glaring problems, or can offer some suggestions or solutions. You can find it attached below.

    I used the ideas from Zend Framework for the front controller, router, and dispatcher mainly because I liked how that worked, though I'm still debating doing that or going with a request/response system. The dispatcher will start one of the child controllers depending on the URL, and each child controller will start a different model and view also depending on the URL. For example the ArticleIndexView and ArticleIndexModel would be default pages, while the ArticleController could also start ArticleEditview and ArticleEditModel.

    Some of the problems im having are like the location of my header and footer calls as well as the template class. Its setup so that it can support all parts of a page through the use of handles. So since almost all pages would need a header and footer I put thoes in the parent controller, and I put the instantiation of the template class there as well and I plan on just passing the template instance as a refference to each of the views that need it. One other problem is how to work the access control. The access control is really a 3 layer process, which involves checking access for the site (being that people have to login), checking access to each section (articles, news, staff), and then having View/Edit/Delete rights setup. So I'm kind of confused where that stuff should be located in the design.

    One final thing, do you guys find you use inheritance a lot? I have a hard time seeing the need for a parent-child relationship in a lot of stuff, hence why there is a lot of composition.

    Anyway, all feedback is welcome since im still learning, and dont worry about some of the blank parts its still just a rough draft of ideas.
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