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    Some advice on my code cms or template engines?

    Hi all.
    I'm at a cross road and need some direction. TIA for any advice.

    I'm working on a site that will allow the subscriber the option of choosing from a few (maybe 10) very simple templates for thier pages. The public pages are really not very important but nessesary. The real value of the site is the calculation, networking, task management etc that is only available to the subscriber and his/her group.

    But, I do have to offer the templates and that does create some chalenges. Meta tags, text editors, file upload comes to mind.

    I have been looking around at programs like WordPress, Smarty PHPTMPL etc but they seem to be a huge overkill for what I need, and I'm still a little unsure about my obligations under the different opensource liscensing.
    I have been learning PHP/mysql and should eventually be able to pull it off myself (even if I have to hire someone for complicated code or check my code)

    Looking for any and all advice I can solicit.


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    User has a form to select template and enter site data.
    PHP script gets template file and replaces content in it with POST data from form.
    Personalised template uploaded to user site directory.

    Anything specific you want help with?


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