hi all

i think this is css anyway.

i have this code:

<h1><a href="venues.php"><img src="images/venue02.jpg" alt="Venues" width="70" height="70" border="0" align="left" /></a>Venues / Reviews</h1>
<p>Listing and links to all the venues around the city.</p>
<p align="right"><a href="venues.php">more ./a> </p>

about tis much space between in IE

<h1><a href="gentlemen.php"><img src="images/playboy.gif" alt="Exotic Dancing Bars" width="70" height="70" border="0" align="left" /></a>Exotic Dancing Bars</h1>
<p>The ultimate dancing experience, gentlemen..</p>
<p align="right"><a href="gentlemen.php">more ./a> </p>

and in ff it stays nice and tight, but in ie it seems well looks like its adding another paragraph creating a big space below each graphic,

anybody com across this or any solutions??

and all this is kept inside a div called #radio:

#radio {
height: auto;
padding-top: 0px;
border: 0px;
width: 248px;
top: 0px;
position: absolute;