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    Tables vs Tableless CSS

    I have not used CSS much other than to specify a certain group of text's parameters, and have never used it for anything more advanced such as making tableless websites. I am wondering if someone could give me a brief run-down of why the current rage/trend of CSS tableless websites is so popular, technically speaking.

    I have looked at many CSS sites that claim to be tableless (over at cssreboot) and in my opinion they all seem to look extremely similar. It's almost as if they are using the same CMS - just skinned differently (and even then, they are all web2.0-ish). Few/none of them are high-volume community oriented sites, it would appear; but rather 3-7 major page business sites/blog sites. If you are designing a site that will have large amounts of content that will have large amounts of sub-content, so to speak, is CSS a good idea? Ex: your site will have thousands of pages.

    I know I am not very informed on this, but I have been using tables to do all of this easily and I am not really sure why people are so gung-ho for tableless css sites. I know they offer better loading times, but is that all?
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