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    Array.indexOf() should use .equals()

    Array Extra methods indexOf (and lastIndexOf) would be a lot more useful using the equals method (this method does not actually exist yet).

    For those who don't yet know Array Extras

    Make indexOf use equals method instead of using ==.

    myWrappedString = function(s) {
        this.value = s;
    myWrappedString.prototype.equals = function(other) {
        if(!other.value) throw new Error("Unsupported Operation");
        return other.value.toLowerCase().equals(this.value.toLowerCase();
    With the obligatory equals prototype on object.
    Object.prototype.equals = function(other) { return this == other; };

    Then you could do stuff like:
    var passedValues = userInputValues.filter( caseInsensitiveFilter );

    Anther way would be to allow a comparator...
    function caseInsensitiveComparator(x, y) { 
          var a = String(x).toLowerCase(); 
          var b = String(y).toLowerCase(); 
          if (a > b) 
             return 1 
          if (a < b) 
             return -1 
          return 0; 
    myStringArray.indexOf( testString, caseInsensitiveComparator);
    I also think that Array.contains() and Array.containsAll() would offer more practical use than indexOf. Any js hacker (even I) could can add these methods to Array and Array.prototype. Native code is better (at least performance-wise).
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