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    Problem with Netscape 6.0

    I am having a problem I hadn't encountered with IE and didn't even realize it was a problem till I upgraded.

    If in the head I have something like this

    function display(){

    and somewhere in the body I call this function


    in IE it works fine and inserts it into the body and does no new screen. With Netscape it clears the screen and only outputs what I ordered.

    Now I realize that that is what document.write but I thought that calling from within the body nullified that. This is a very cut down version as what I have done is actually an object I created to dynamically create a resume and then print it.

    Does anyone knw of a fix or am I screwed with the document.write command.

    Oh and I have though of using

    document.getElementById('idname').innerHTML += "add every piece of the code like so"

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    This is from the js reference:

    Event handlers execute after the original document closes, so the write method implicitly opens a new document of mimeType text/html if you do not explicitly issue a method in the event handler.
    I couldn't even get IE to do this on my box.

    I did something similar to your dynamically created resume, but I used tons of layers---that doesn't work in NN 4.x either. What about multiple calls to the server and use PHP?


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    If the script executes while the <body> is loading, it should work fine. However, if it's after (or before), it won't work. The discrepency might be that Mozilla runs the code after <body> has loaded and IE does it while <body> is loading.

    Or, all of what I said could be BS It's just a hunch, though



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