print "What is your name? "
name = gets
puts " Your Name Is "
puts name
nfh =", "w")
nfh puts name
print "What Is your email Address?"
email = gets
puts " Your email Address is "
puts email
efh =", "w")
efh puts email
print "What is your Age? "
age = gets
puts " You are "
puts age
puts " years of age "
afh =", "w")
afh = puts age
This is just a program im making to mess around with ruby and start to understand it more. Im sure all of you guys did dum programs like this I hope atleast :-P
Well, What is wrong with it. It keeps getting me errors, its alot to type out in the errors, and i cant copy and paste it. Can yall either run it or just tell me what is wrong with it. and if so, show me a working code.

What the program does and what im hopeing to make with it is
storing the information in separate text files. That is all that i have done so far as you can see, but its not working :-P

Then i am going to try and grab the info, and allow myself to edit it within the ruby window. Still dont know how im going to do all of that