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    hover effect (rollover) by changing background position?

    I have been trying to figure out how the folks over at dig (add another g) have done their hover effects. I have stumbled upon an image that they are using that has 3 pieces to it in a way. (the image: go to their site and then add this at the end "/img/tab-back.png") It seems they are changing the background position and thus creating a hover effect in this way. This makes it easier to use hover effects with somelike like a gradient it seems. Now i'm not sure if I can legally post the css here or not, so i've decided not to, however, if you have firefox and the developer toolbar you can find it, it's mostly under
    #sub-nav li a, #sub-nav li a:visited, #sub-nav li span, .extra-nav li a, .extra-nav li a:visited, .extra-nav li span    (line 1039)
    #sub-nav li:hover a, .extra-nav li:hover a    (line 1072)
    Thanks for any help anyone can give, i'd really like to learn how to do this.
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