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    css vertical stretching

    hi guys

    really need help here

    im doing a css layout for this website

    it was fine as is for a while but now they want it scalable for other languages.

    this means the features and support boxes need to be able to grown with the text

    if i was designing in tables i would split into 3 rows and make the middle row a tiled bg image that stretched

    but its in css. how do i do this?

    i looked at sliding doors bu this is for horizontal expansion

    any idea?

    FYI there is a new offline version so dont concern yourself with crap css of tis version

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    Instead of positioning everything and moving your text over the image I would put everything into a div. Cut the top and bottom sections off the image and set the middle section as your repeating background. Then you just stick the top image into your div followed by your text then the bottom image. No absolute positioning necessary and it will expand vertically the more text you add.


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