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    Item details are not returned.

    On a site I did a few years ago, a list of items is returned from a mysql database, and an image next to each one is made a hyperlink, of the form
    which is used by a javascript to open it in a new window of a fixed size, showing more details from the database on that item.

    But now the pop-up page is shown minus all the details about the item. Register globals has been set to Off (the only difference I note from my own phpinfo file).
    It's been suggested, with no explanation as to why, that sending display_this.php?ID=RL123 as the url is no longer a good idea, but no alternative was suggested, unfortunately.

    Should I request Register Globals to be switched On?
    Should I use different code (if so, what) to pass the item id to the php script which, until a few days ago, successfully showed the item details?

    (No money changes hands on the site, it displays houses available to rent)

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    In display_this.php you will probably find the variable $ID being used but with no reference as to where $ID was set. What you need to do (near the top of the page, but certainly before $ID is first used) is ...

    $ID = $_GET['ID'];
    Ian Anderson


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