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    Trying Snitz ASP forums on Apache?

    Oy . I want to try out the Snitz ASP forums ( on my localhost Apache server (, but well, Apache doesn't really support ASP. Is there any way to get it running? I don't need anything fancy, because I'm not planning on leaving my jolly PHP, but I'd just like to look at the ASP coding of the snitz forums. Should be fun . I don't want to install IIS, because well, my Apache is running great for my php/sql developement atm.

    And because I only want to take a little look at ASP, it would be nice if the asp-support for apache was free too... Ain't I a demanding little bugger?
    And I, of course, am innocent of all but malice

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    If you just want to look at the code, then just... look at the code :P. It won't bite you, honest - just open it up in Notepad or whatever and look through it. It's similar enough to PHP (in terms of general concepts, not syntax) that you should understand a fair bit of it straight off.

    If you really need to run it, and are really dead set against installing PWS or IIS, then you're looking at something like Chilisoft ASP. However, you have to understand that non-MS implementations of ASP are notoriously poor - in terms of COM support if nothing else. Snitz may run fine under it, but I'd not like to guarantee anything :/. Worth a try though, you can get a 30-day free trial from (I assume you're running Windows - there's a Linux version at if not) - there should be a "try it out" link on there somewhere.

    Hope that helps .
    Nick Wilson [ - email - ]


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