Some fast questions and comments.
when I'm making a website, I always use 1024x768 and I also use % but when I go test it on 8x6 it really buggers-up (looks like crap) I've happen to of done some reading and talking to people and about 75% of the people I taked to said that if I make for 8x6 (what most of the public is using) I'll be fine when I go to 1024x768. Thats what I did and well lets just say WHAT A WAST OF SPACE!! there is to much of nothing. so I surfed around changind of screen size at sites like yahoo and there looks good at all sizes, why????

Next, I was reading that one someone posted about screen size, and someone answered back saying "Don't forget about the 640x480 people" A little note on that... FORGET ABOUT THEM!!! the public is not using that so let them change there size, its not worth it for about 2% of the public on the net.