I am trying to insert the following page:

- created with FrontPage2000 - into the description section of a new-item selling-listing on ebay.

When I copy the html, it works, but - naturally - the image references are wrong.

Ebay says to use: <img src=http://www.anywhere.com/mypicture.jpg> for the images; I can do this but I have made the photos into "thumbnails" and want them to work (show the original/large photo) when clicked.

The html for the upper left-hand photo is:

<p align="center"><a href="CivilCoins-AllBoxes.JPG"><img border="2" src="CivilCoins-AllBoxes_small.JPG" alt="CivilCoins-AllBoxes.JPG (48840 bytes)" width="125" height="100"></a>

What exact changes should I make to show the thumbnail and the original.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Elton Kelly