I've been fooling with this nav ALL NIGHT and now half the day...this is totally killing me!

This nav works just the way it's supposed too: www.cuush.com

But this one doesn't: http://www.cuush.com/ecom/know-your-buddha.php (no dropdowns)

This nav is from Stu Nicholls css website (he da man), it's totally built to work cross-browser and it DOES...
but when it gets into my template something gets messed up and I just can't see it.

The code is EXACTLY the same!

I've stripped the page one section at a time, up and down...I've tweaked everything I know on the two .css files.
(Yeah, there's two included with this PURE css nav...well, actually three including my original file -
but I've pulled each one off the page at one point or another and nothing helps!)

I'm certain the problem here is something obvious...
but even after 9 hours of tweaking I just don't know enough css to find it!

I'm REALLY trying to finish this tshirt business and crap like this isn't what I should be spending my time on right now....
so I would really appreciate if someone could take a look at this, or at least offer some suggestions as to where/why I might tweak something.

Watching one version work while the other doesn't - IN THE SAME DAMN BROWSER!!!!

Too much...