Hello my beloved Rails friends. I have never posted here before, so let me say that I am positively beaming in doing so.

I pretty much stick in Java right now. I like it. Intuitively Java makes a lot of sense to me; the structure of the language itself just makes me all warm and familiar inside.

With that said, there are some things I wish I could avoid- namely, the verbosity. I feel like I'm spending more time than I should be spending. I'm not knocking Java per se (there are many frameworks and other development tools that I'm not taking advantage of), but I do think I could get more out of Rails (or PHP or other language) faster than I could if I spent the time figuring out an in-depth framework in Java.

I've seen the screencasts, I've walked through a couple of articles and tutorials, etc. I at least have a broad feeling for Rails. I have a project or three upcoming by the end of the summer and I'm thinking about trying Ruby for it. The thing I'm wary about is flexibility. Yes, it looks brain-dead easy to do a lot of things in Rails, but do you ever feel like you're "slotted-in" any sort of scenario due to these tools and routines available to you? They save time, I'm sure, but is that at the cost of the ability to do what you want to do when you want to do it? Obviously there are ways to customize different aspects of a project, but sometimes it's the small stuff. Do you feel frustrated ever in that you have to go out of your way to do something that might be more straightforward elsewise?

Thanks. I'm obviously interested in checking all of this out, and a hearty discussion on this would be a great help. I love you all.