Hoping I might be able to get some help on writing a regular expression search/replace function that modifies a bunch of files. I've got the pseudocode, but need help with syntax. Here's an example showing the pattern:
Changing this
Class my.foo.bar {

to this
Package my.foo{
	Class bar {

Here is the pseudo code I came up with
For each file:
1) Find the line that starts with "class[space]"
2) from that file, strip out everything after [space] to the last period on that line, store in myVar without the final period (in this case: my.foo)
3) add tab before every line in file
4) insert "Package[space][myVar]{" at beginning of file
5) insert "}" at the very end of file
6) save file and close

It's my first crack at Ruby, so even if no one can provide me with actual code, any insight would really help.

thanks in advance!

roguerum. . .