I understand that I can use modules to create URLs like:
... where the controller is Secure::ProductsController (app > controllers > secure > products_controller.rb) and edit is an action of this controller.

Here's where I'm confused: I want to create an authentication system where each Secure::FooController (so, any controller within the "secure" folder) has a before_filter :authourize attached to it. If authourization fails, the user should be sent to
... where the controller is SecureController (note, NOT Secure::SigninController - so something like app > controllers > secure_controller.rb) and signin is an action. So, my question is, what should the structure of my app look like? Every time I've tried to build something like the above I get unknown action routing errors: controllers > secure_controller.rb and controllers > secure > foo_controller.rb don't play nicely with each other. Why?

In the example above, should signin be a controller instead of an action (ie. Secure::Signin, so controllers > secure > signin_controller.rb)? Any advice/help appreciated...