Would like some help please...

Is there some way to make the browser open a new window full-screen size.

see http://www.gales.co.nz/1carlton.htm & click on an image link to see the problem.

Am selling items on the 'Net and by design have pages with long, but active load time.

(yes, I know you can split them up but for a variety of reasons, ie more complex & confusing navigation & worse search engine positioning, this is not a good idea)

When someone wants to view something for sale
the image is called up on a new screen, rather than in the present screen, this saves it having to re-load all the time.

Have written a javascript for this, that works out screen size & opens up full size.
Works a treat but...

Frontpage98 does not "look in" the Javascript and so treats the images as orphans, and wants to delete them. ie.
<a href="javascriptopWin('images/photos/scwb07.jpg')" old china plate</a>

So how do you do it in HTML please?.

Is there some way to give extra tags to the

<base target="_blank">

Robert Gale