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    Site looks fine in firefox, not so good in IE...

    If anyone could help with this I would really appreciate it. This is driving me crazy.

    The site I'm working on:

    Appears fine in Firefox (mac and pc), IE5 (mac), and Safari (mac), BUT looks terrible in IE6 (PC).

    Problems I'm having in IE6 PC are:
    -Left column is cut in half
    -Padding is too big for the center menu items

    Here is my css file:
    I had to mess around with the margins a lot and use negative margins to get it to display right in firefox. So, maybe thats the problem.

    Thanks in advance!

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    You need to add position releative to the navigation in ordetr for ie to behave and then force "layout" on your quoteslist by using a dimension.

    #quoteslist,#quoteslist2 {width:100%}

    You need to do simliar for your midnav and give the list and and anchor the height:1% hack. You have also placed a margin-bottom of 2px on the anchor and the list which adds up to 4px except that mozilla will collapse the margin down to 2px instead.

    Just apply the margin to one of the elements.

    /* mac hide \*/
    #midnav li,#midnav li a{height:1%}
    /* end hide*/
    #midnav ul li, #midnav ul li a
     display: block;
     padding: 0;
     line-height: normal;
    #midnav ul li{margin-bottom:2px;}
    #midnav ul li a
     display: block;
     padding: 2px 5px 3px 5px;


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