Hi folks,

So rails makes it ridiculously easy to do things with a single table... but when things get the least bit complex, I'm getting lost...

Got the relationships between the tables mapped out in the models, and that does help...

But, for example, the scaffold templates utilize the table's "content_columns" only... so I need to go in and program in display code for the data held in other tables. And here's where the Ruby/Rails simplicity seems to get in my way.

This is all it takes the scaffold to create the table headers:

<% for column in Race.content_columns %>
<th><%= column.human_name %></th>
<% end %>

Great... now is there a way to get it to draw from all the columns, not just the content_columns, automatically? That way I don't have to come in and update this template again if/when I make a change to the table?