Hi everyone,

We have developed an intranet application for a large business. They have over 3,000 customers in the database. When they sign a job they have to assign it to one of these customers.

Right now, I have a system similiar to this:

It is quite buggy, and they have to pick something from a select box, not just type the name they want.

I have been searching high and low for an AJAX cross between Google Suggest and a regular select box (allowing you to type so it can search a customer for you, but making you pick an actual entry).

Does anyone have any online samples of what I mean, or tutorials on how to do it? I know it's quite complex, but is there any other way to allow someone to select something from 3000+ customers. We probably add 5-10 a day. But because of the crappy system there are many duplicates...

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, would also consider paying for someone to make it, but would like to leave that as a section option.

Thanks for help!