Without getting much into details the problem is simple.

I created a good tool that automates a big part of IM routine. Feedback is great, clients satisfied, I have a proud face.

As I launched the tool on special IM forum community, I am passing to affiliates only now. And my affiliates are facing a psychological & business problem.

1. My tool is very good. By promoting it to others they can possibly get competitors. If the rivals in their niche grab this tool - this can result in a good fight for better place in the niche.

2. Commissions are good and special autopromotion concept is integrated into the tool. So, affiliating is a pleasure.

This comes to...

Future Competitors vs Affiliate Profits

I want to earn more, I want more people to use my tool, I want to become famous as tools inventor and owner. I think after other affiliates see one big IM guru selling my offer, they will start the rat race. But before that they can sit on the tool like Gollum and it can be a big problem to make the first jump out.

I know this is not an easy task to solve. Can someone brainstorm for 10 secs and give any out-of-the-box ideas? How would YOU solve this problem for your product or service?

I have some variants, but cannot say I like what my mind brought me up to the moment