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    Question line height of form in IE larger than in FF


    I have trouble with a form page that I have designed:

    If I look at that page in FF the line height between the lines of the labels and form inout fields looks ok to me. However when I open that page in IE 6 the height becomes drastically higher. I have tried to adjust that in my stylesheet with line-height but this will only result in an even higher height in IE

    Any suggestions to fix that?

    Maybe I just did the layout for the form too complicated? The problem I had was with the textarea input field, I needed the label to be aligned to the top of the textarea and the next line of input to begin below the textarea field....
    If there is a better way to accomplish that, then please tell me

    Thanks for your help!
    kind regards

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    You've got a few problems with your form:
    1. you're reusing IDs - IDs can only be used once per page. If you want to reuse a style, you need to make it a class instead.
    2. You should be using the <label> tag to wrap your inputs instead of <div>.
    3. I would've thought you'd use margins between elements to create space rather than line-height.


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