Hi al,

I'm wondering whether anyone on these forums has looked into ASP.NET in any great depth? I decided to give it a shot so I'm currently writing a site using it, and not getting along too badly. However, a lot of the documentation is sparse (to say the least), so there are several things I'm unsure about - generally things that I can get to work but don't know if I'm handling in the best/most efficient way.

In particular, I'm writing the login system at the moment. The site will have users with varying levels of access, which could easily be handled as a set of boolean flags (each denoting access to a particular function, e.g. add a news item, edit a news item etc.)

Once the user logs in to the site I could easily store these as Session-level variables (one boolean variable per function obviously), much as you would with classic ASP. However, I'm wondering whether it's better to implement a class which inherits from IPrincipal, and use that instead? The only documentation I can find on this sort of thing is very sketchy, it doesn't discuss the benefits or drawbacks of either solution nor which is the preferred method. Or, should I be creating custom roles and using these instead (as covered in the ibuyspy portal example)?

It's not a big deal, obviously I can get something to work - but I'd prefer to do it the "right" way if I can, it is a learning exercise after all .

Hope that made some sense, if anyone can offer any advice or discuss anything similar they've done I'd appreciate it greatly .

Thanks in advance,