Hi everyone here is one to give your minds a little work out

Ok I have this code
require 'acts_as_versioned'

class BriefImage < ActiveRecord::Base
  file_column :image, :magick => {
    :versions => { "thumb" => "100x100", "standard" => "640x480" }  

  acts_as_versioned :foreign_key => 'brief_image_id'
and if I try and select all the BriefImageVersion (s) I find that as the BriefImageVersion class is dynamically created within acts_as_versioned.rb and therefore doesn't have the file_column plugin installed.

this leaves me with errors like the following

ActionView::TemplateError (undefined method `image_relative_path' for #<BriefImage::Version:0xb79693ec>)
now what im wanting to try and do is create the brief_image_versions array then add the file_column plugin to them (after creation)

so something like

@versions = brief_image.get_all_versions
only problem is that Ive got no idea how this can be (or if for that matter).

any help would be really appreciated

thanks alistair