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    What would I need, and what would be the costs of running my own server from here in the UK?

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    You need a moderately fast computer. Pentium II 333 or higher. To start with about 128 megabytes of memory. You would want good SCSI harddrives for speed and reliability. You would need a good backup system. Tape drives are good for this and cheap. Also you want either a UPS or a backup generator or both for when the power fails. A UPS gives you the added benefit of protecting against both surges and brown outs and will make your computer equipment last longer by giving it a level flow of electricity.

    For your Operating Systems you would want either Linux, FreeBSD or Windows NT Server (NT workstation license limits you the number of concurrent connections). You would then need webserver software (i.e. Apache or IIS), mailserver software (for multiple email addresses) plus FTP servers and servers for any thing else you want to offer. You will also need a permenant highspeed connection to the internet via DSL, cable, traditional T-1 or some other means. Most sites work well over a T-1 or equivalant which is approx 1.5 Mb/sec.

    As for costs it would be around $2000 (US) for the computer and software. For the internet connection I am not sure. In my area it costs $500 dollars to have a T-1 installed plus equipment. Then it costs approx. $1500 (US) a month to keep it up. DSL costs anywhere from free to $300 to setup depending on the vender and about $150 per month for the 1.5MB/sec usage. Here in the US we also don't have to worry about "per minute" connection rates or value added taxes. Your second cost will be electricity. I currently pay about 14 cents per kilowatt hour. Again your prices probably vary. Your last cost would be the maintenence of the equipment. Harddrives and Fans fail fairly often so you need to have a backup plan in place.

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