I had a very good meeting today. It things pan out it will generate a few hundred clients instantly and well we figure that if that happens we should start our own hosting company instead of reselling others.

So I'm looking into providers.

I've checked out Alabanza.. I don't like what they offer as far as packages etc, plus their setup fees are atrocious.

I've also checked out VDI. Their packages are better but I'm a bit put off by their reputation, the fact that one of my sites was down as a result of their problems, and that their website isn't the best.

I'm looking for a sorta turnkey solution for colocation. I send them the server, they hook it up and install the contol panel stuff, and I can run it.

I really like the cpanel/webhostmanager software you get with VDI too.

I don't want to lease a server or buy it from the company simply because

1. I know I can build it cheaper

2. I've never built a linux system so it'll be a learning experience.

Also I'm assuming that I'll need to use a rackmount case for it correct?

Any advice would be appreciated.